Here’s a Quick Way to Land a MA Job

It’s a recruitment agency. Yes you read it right! Knowing how to select a healthcare recruiting agency that understands your unique skill set and goes above and beyond to promote your qualifications could be a valuable tool in your job-seekers’s toolset. A great agency will match your qualities with the medical assistant job opening best …

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Medical Assistant vs Nurse

For years, medical assistants and nurses have engaged in a friendly rivalry. Do licensed practical nurses (LPNs) really have a set of skills that are superior to the skill sets of medical assistants (MAs)? Is the work LPNs do intrinsically harder? Do they deserve more respect? In fact

Medical Assistant to LPN

If you are a medical assistant, the desire to become a licensed practical nurse may appeal to you. Often this type of change is lateral as far as money and skills are concerned in your home state. The career change may add just enough variables to your resume that it enables you to have many …

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