How to Write an Effective Post-Interview Letter

Use a thank you letter and get ahead of your competitors

After completing the application process and interview, many medical assistant candidates just sit around waiting to hear the verdict on whether or not they are being hired for a job. Writing a post-interview thank you letter is one thing that not only helps you stand out from the rest, but also further proves that you …

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Problems Finding a Job? 5 Tips to Get You Started

If you have not yet found a job that is stable, pays well and offers potential upward mobility and growth – welcome to the under-employed/unemployed club. Currently this particular club has a lot of members, and the one thing they all have in common is that they all want out as soon as possible, to …

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Medical Assistant, Is That Something For You?

Choosing a career is an important decision. Making the wrong choice can devastate you both financially and emotionally. People who hate their jobs often find themselves physically ill more often, as well. If you make the right career choice, you find that you are actually excited to go to work each day. There are always …

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Medical Assistant vs Nurse

For years, medical assistants and nurses have engaged in a friendly rivalry. Do licensed practical nurses (LPNs) really have a set of skills that are superior to the skill sets of medical assistants (MAs)? Is the work LPNs do intrinsically harder? Do they deserve more respect? In fact

Medical Assistant to LPN

If you are a medical assistant, the desire to become a licensed practical nurse may appeal to you. Often this type of change is lateral as far as money and skills are concerned in your home state. The career change may add just enough variables to your resume that it enables you to have many …

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What Every Medical Assistant Ought to Know About a Job Interview

Table of Contents The background check as part of an interview 3 Important ways to prepare for an Interview Behavior, communication and what to do during the Interview References Taming job interview nervousness What to wear to an MA Interview MA job interview questions Before breaking down the steps for job interview preparation, be aware …

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How to Write an Effective Medical Assistant Resume

Table of Contents Online or hard-copy resume? Step 1: Get to know your target employer Step 2: Identify your assets Step 3: Transferable and job-related skills Step 4: Presenting your accomplishments Step 5: Identify keywords and buzzwords Types of resume Step 6: Choose the format that is right for you Step 7: The structure and …

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How to Write a MA Cover Letter [+ Examples]

Table of Contents A cover letter: To be, or not to be? Cover letter metrics General structure Contact details Opening paragraph Main part Closing paragraph Give you cover letter an extra boost A tip for cover letters sent via email What if I have an employment gap? Cover letter examples A cover letter: To be, …

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Fed Up With Medical Assisting!? 6 Career Choices You Should Consider

Table of Contents Phlebotomist Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) Cardiovascular/Vascular Technologists (EKG Techs) Surgical Technologist (Scrub tech, Operating room technician) Dental Assistant Medical Records Technician (MRTs) Medical assistants (MAs) are the generalists among the health occupations. MAs are trained to be versatile. They must know how to do whatever the physician they’re working with expects them …

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