Free Online Medical Assistant Practice Test

online practice test

Before taking the test, there is one important thing for you to be aware of. Note that both practice tests are simulated exams. They are designed merely as an exercise to familiarize you with the style of the certification examination, they in no way guarantee a passing score on the actual examination, nor that you will achieve certification.

What Is Medical Assistant Certification And Why Pursue It?

What is a certified medical assistant? A certificate is an awarded credential providing clear proof of your vocational competency. As a certified medical assistant you can practice in a variety of environments, backed by the undeniable fact that you have proven yourself capable of comprehending the concomitant knowledge that is essential for working and thriving …

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How to Become a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

A ladder to a bulls eye

A registered medical assistant (RMA) is a credential given by the AMT, or American Medical Technologists. In contrast to other three certifications, RMA credential is the most flexible because it certifies both recent MA program graduates as well as MAs who’ve been working professionally in the field.

How to Become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

Table of Contents 1. Do you meet the eligibility criteria? 2. Complete an accredited MA program 3. Apply for the CMA exam 4. Schedule an exam appointment 5. Prepare for the exam 6. Sit for the exam 7. Maintain your CMA credential A certified medical assistant (CMA) is a credential given by the AAMA, or …

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Associate Or Diploma

While there are no educational requirements per se for becoming a medical assistant (MA), most MAs choose to attend specialized MA training programs to learn the skills necessary for excelling at their chosen careers. Two educational avenues are open to you as an aspiring MA: one-year diploma programs and two-year associate degree programs. Which one …

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