What Do You Learn In a Medical Assistant Course?

Table of Contents How long is the program? Heads Up! Online schools What MA course is like? Anatomy, Physiology and CPR Medical office administration Cardiopulmonary system and electrocardiography Bookkeeping and medical financial principles Medical business management Medical risk management Laboratory procedures and clinical assistant Externship There are thousands of medical assisting programs at community colleges …

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What is Accreditation and Why is It Important

As you begin to research your career as a medical assistant (MA), you will come across various educational programs. Some of these programs have gone through the process of accreditation, where an outside agency (accreditor) comes in and makes sure that the institution or program meets appropriate standards of education. Although this process is optional …

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Medical Assistant, Is That Something For You?

Choosing a career is an important decision. Making the wrong choice can devastate you both financially and emotionally. People who hate their jobs often find themselves physically ill more often, as well. If you make the right career choice, you find that you are actually excited to go to work each day. There are always …

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Medical Assistant Internship


Whether it leads to a diploma or an associate degree, every medical assisting curriculum includes an internship in an ambulatory health care setting. Internships may also be called practicums. You are preparing for employment in a highly demanding field. Part of learning how to function as a professional involves spending time in a learning environment …

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Choose the Right Medical Assistant School

Now comes the challenging task of selecting the training program best suited to your goals and to your budget. To a great degree, where you attend a medical assisting program will depend upon where you live – or where you want to live.

How to Become a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

A ladder to a bulls eye

A registered medical assistant (RMA) is a credential given by the AMT, or American Medical Technologists. In contrast to other three certifications, RMA credential is the most flexible because it certifies both recent MA program graduates as well as MAs who’ve been working professionally in the field.

How to Become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA)

Table of Contents 1. Do you meet the eligibility criteria? 2. Complete an accredited MA program 3. Apply for the CMA exam 4. Schedule an exam appointment 5. Prepare for the exam 6. Sit for the exam 7. Maintain your CMA credential A certified medical assistant (CMA) is a credential given by the AAMA, or …

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Fed Up With Medical Assisting!? 6 Career Choices You Should Consider

Table of Contents Phlebotomist Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) Cardiovascular/Vascular Technologists (EKG Techs) Surgical Technologist (Scrub tech, Operating room technician) Dental Assistant Medical Records Technician (MRTs) Medical assistants (MAs) are the generalists among the health occupations. MAs are trained to be versatile. They must know how to do whatever the physician they’re working with expects them …

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Associate Or Diploma

While there are no educational requirements per se for becoming a medical assistant (MA), most MAs choose to attend specialized MA training programs to learn the skills necessary for excelling at their chosen careers. Two educational avenues are open to you as an aspiring MA: one-year diploma programs and two-year associate degree programs. Which one …

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Here’s a Quick Way to Enroll in a Part-Time MA Training Program

What of the prospective student who sees what an rewarding career medical assisting can be, but is precluded from attending school full time because of family, work or other responsibilities? Can that person still seek training as a medical assistant? The answer is a qualified, “Yes.” There are medical assistant training programs that accommodate students …

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