Angeles College Garden Grove

angeles collegeAngeles College serves a diverse and vast community; it is our mission to train, educate, and prepare multi-ethnic, bi-lingual healthcare professionals. It is our objective to leverage the cultural knowledge of individuals and train them for a successful career in the healthcare field. Currently, the patient-healthcare professional ratio is disproportionate due to the large size of the community. It is our goal to strive to meet the medical needs of our socially diverse community by instructing and developing qualified healthcare professionals with multi-lingual skills and/or multi-ethnic understanding. Read More…

  • Address: Garden Grove Blvd 9618, Garden Grove 
  • City: Garden Grove 
  • State: California 
  • Postal Code: 92844 
  • Degree: Certificate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $25,000 
  • Phone: (213) 487-2211 
  • Website: