Beal College

beal collegeBeal College is a very small two-year, private for-profit school with 435 students enrolled. This postsecondary institution was originated in 1891 and is one of the 5 schools and colleges located in Bangor, Maine. Located on the second floor of the YMCA building, Beal College’s student body of less than 25 students followed a curriculum of banking, finance, accounting, business arithmetic, penmanship, business writing, commercial law, shorthand and typewriting. By January 1892, the student body had grown to more than 100 students, necessitating the addition of space. To meet this requirement, the Shorthand and Typing Department was moved to the Exchange Street Block. In 1929, the name was changed to Beal College School of Business, then after several administrations, became Beal Business College. Read more…

  • Address: Farm Rd 99, Bangor 
  • City: Bangor 
  • State: Maine 
  • Postal Code: 04401 
  • Degree:
  • Avg. Tuition: $17,500 
  • Phone: (207)947-4591 
  • Website: