Everest Institute Bissonnet Houston

everest instituteThe Bissonnet campus has classrooms, lab rooms, a student lounge, and administrative areas. Houston-Bissonnet is a branch campus of our Renton, Washington Campus. It offers men and women with career training and life skills needed to excel in their chosen field. We’ve designed each class to help you understand vital concepts quickly and easily. Our classes are designed to get you involved. You’ll get a chance to apply the skills you learn by practicing in a real-world environment. Read More…

  • Address: 9700 Bissonnet Street, Suite 1400 Houston 
  • City: Houston 
  • State: Texas 
  • Postal Code: 77036 
  • Degree: Certificate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $15,000 
  • Phone: (713) 772-4200 
  • Website: www.everest.edu