Everest Institute Dearborn

everest instituteAt Everest Institute’s campus in Dearborn, Michigan, students learn at the hand of seasoned instructors. Active participation lets students study first-hand how to perform their craft while utilizing small work groups to inspire quality discussions and specialized attention. The end result is a faster, better-trained community leader. Additionally, the Dearborn Campus has a number of programs to maximize positive results for its students and graduates, including fast track training, worker retraining efforts, high school graduate character building and decision-making. Many student assistance programs, the LEAD team, and many fundraisers and charitable activities, provide additional resources for students and the community. Read More…

  • Address: Michigan Ave 23400, Dearborn 
  • City: Dearborn 
  • State: Michigan 
  • Postal Code: 48124 
  • Degree: Certificate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $16,300 
  • Phone: (313) 562-4228 
  • Website: www.everest.edu