Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts Concord

gurnick Academy of Medical Arts ConcordGurnick Academy of Medical Arts Medical Assistant program provides a library and classrooms equipped with modern audio-visual teaching aids, textbooks, and simulators.Instructor to Student ratio is 1:15 in laboratory, and 1:30 in lecture. Classes begin four times a year. Students spend twenty-four (24-48) hours per week attending classes and externship. The program consists of 7 courses contained in 3 modules. While on Clinical Externship, student may be required to accommodate alternative schedules based on facility placement business hours. Students must be able to complete those special rotations at the schedule provided. Read more…

  • Address: Willow Pass Road 1401, Concord 
  • City: Concord 
  • State: California 
  • Postal Code: 94520 
  • Degree: Certificate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $28,500 
  • Phone: 925) 687-9555 
  • Website: