International Business College Indianapolis

international business college indianaInternational Business College is a small, for-profit college located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded in 1889 and moved to its current suburban location in 1985. It has adjacent housing for students but over half of students come from the Indianapolis area. According to Peterson’s (Peterson’s – Your Comprehensive Guide to College Information) and recent institutional publications, International Business College has an undergraduate population of 386. Of 1,006 applicants, 766 (or 76%) were admitted. For the most recent year, 73% of entering students graduated and 92% of available graduates were placed in jobs. International Business College provides career-focused courses to high school graduates. IBC’s programs generally offer hands-on learning opportunities that help prepare graduates to start working immediately. Read more…

  • Address: Shadeland Station 7205, Indianapolis 
  • City: Indianapolis 
  • State: Indiana 
  • Postal Code: 46256 
  • Degree:
    Certificate / Associate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $13,400 
  • Phone: (317) 813-2304 
  • Website: