Mount Aloysius College

mount aloysius collegeMount Aloysius College is a Catholic, private college in Cresson, Pennsylvania. It is a liberal arts college that awards bachelor’s, associate’s, and master’s degrees in the arts and sciences fields. The undergraduate enrollment totals approximately 2000 students. Mount Aloysius College was established in 1853 by a small community of sisters from the Sisters of Mercy, during which time St. Aloysius Academy was constructed. The Academy became Mount Aloysius Junior College in 1939, and later became Mount Aloysius College in 1991 after amending its charter to allow the conferment of bachelor degrees. Mount Aloysius College traces its heritage to the small community of sisters who were sent to Pittsburgh in 1843. From Pittsburgh, they established a community in Chicago in 1845 and by 1848 they settled in nearby Loretto. Read more…

  • Address: Admiral Peary Hwy 7373, Cresson 
  • City: Cresson 
  • State: Pennsylvania 
  • Postal Code: 16630 
  • Degree:
  • Avg. Tuition: $16,600 
  • Phone: (814) 886-6322 
  • Website: