Tennessee Technology Center Knoxville

tennessee technology centerIt is the philosophy of the Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville that each citizen should have the privilege and opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential. Individualized instruction provides each student with the highest quality training possible in the occupational area of his or her choice. The school adheres to the philosophy that the development of specific skills and knowledge in an individual is not sufficient; desirable worker characteristics are emphasized to instill the character development, good work habits, reliability, honesty, and respect for authority that are necessary for a productive society. The Tennessee Technology Center at Knoxville was founded in 1966 by the State Board of Education. The Knoxville school was operated by the Knoxville City School System under contract with the Tennessee Board of Education from 1966 – 1984, when the operation was assumed by the Tennessee Board of Regents. Read more…

  • Address: Liberty St 1100, Knoxville 
  • City: Knoxville 
  • State: Tennessee 
  • Postal Code: 37919 
  • Degree: Certificate 
  • Avg. Tuition: $3,900 
  • Phone: (865) 546-5567 x 145 
  • Website: www.ttcknoxville.edu