Online Education – How Does It Work?

Many of the accredited medical assistant programs now offer some online or distance learning courses. This gives potential students the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of learning through the Internet and enhancing their experience. Online courses have literally exploded over the last two decades. It can be difficult to sum up …

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Here’s a Quick Way to Enroll in a Part-Time MA Training Program

What of the prospective student who sees what an rewarding career medical assisting can be, but is precluded from attending school full time because of family, work or other responsibilities? Can that person still seek training as a medical assistant? The answer is a qualified, “Yes.” There are medical assistant training programs that accommodate students …

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10 Tips to Avoid Diploma Mills

Diploma mills are not real education or training programs. They only pretend to be, in order to entice the desperate, the frustrated and the eager to get ahead. And who isn’t eager to get ahead when he or she is financially struggling? Diploma mills take advantage of the urgency that is felt in difficult financial and economic situations by offering a fast and easy way to get ahead.