What You Need to Do Before Your First Day on the Job

You nailed the interview and you were accepted as a medical assistant. Before you go out celebrating, be sure that you know exactly what you have to do before your first official day on the job.

It’s not enough that you show up in the work place and report to the physician on this very important day. Remember that first impressions last. Hence you have to do your best to make a good mark not only on your boss but on colleagues and patients too.

Doing an Ocular Inspection

A lot of new medical assistants become too excited about their first job that they forget to do this essential step before showing up on the first day. It’s always best to do an ocular inspection of your work place.

If the job interview was not held here, all the more that you will need to go to the place beforehand. Find out how far it is from your house and how long the travel time is.

In addition, you must research on the kind of traffic that usually occurs along your route on an ordinary weekday. This way, you will know where to pass or which modes of transportation to take in case you are commuting.

An ocular inspection will greatly help you prepare for the initial travel and will ensure that you are not late on your very first day on the job.

Clarifying the Schedule, Attire, and Other Details

During the interview or over the phone, once you have received the news that you were accepted, you ought to immediately clarify your work schedule and the exact time you are expected to be in the work place.

You should also verify what attire you need to wear in case there is no uniform.

Other details that you must not forget to ask about would include knowing whom and where to report to in the morning, where you can park your car if you have one, and what other requirements you may need to bring.

Familiarizing Yourself with the Job Description

If you were given a hard copy of the job description, you must not just stuff it inside your bag and forget about it.

You should take the time to read everything so you’ll know what tasks and responsibilities are expected.

Keep in mind that even though you completed a certificate course or even a bachelor’s degree for this profession, job descriptions may still vary from employer to employer.

It’s always good to be prepared so you will not be caught in surprise.

Getting Enough Rest and Sleep

Of course it goes without saying that rest and sleep are essential. Make sure you don’t schedule any important activity or task the night before your first day on the job.

You should get enough rest and sleep so you will have sufficient energy to sustain you throughout the day.

Introducing Yourself to the Boss

If you have the means to communicate with your boss before you meet on the first day, it would be nice to send or leave a short message introducing yourself and expressing your eagerness to start this job and learn from him or her.

Whether it is a text message or a note, make sure to keep it short and simple. This can signify a good beginning for both of you as you embark on this new working relationship.

Starting the Day on a Positive Note

On the first day itself, make sure to wake up on time. Allot around two hours of preparation which will include bath time, dress-up time, and breakfast.

You must prepare what to wear the night before so that you do not have to worry about choosing and ironing in the morning.

Before and after you shower, smile at yourself in the mirror and say out loud “You are a great medical assistant, and you’ll surely do a wonderful job today.”

Think positive thoughts instead of worrying that you might mess up or forget something. Before you leave the house, be sure to eat a hearty breakfast too.

With these simple yet effective tips that you need to do before your first day as a medical assistant, you can prepare yourself well physically, mentally, and emotionally.

With such preparation you can be more confident about being and doing your best on your first day as a medical assistant.