Ignore These 44 Healthcare Jobs and You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Are you considering a career in health care? With the demographic shift in the population, there has never been a better time to enter this emerging field. By 2050, the age group of 65 or older is expected to reach 22% of the US population. And it’s not just the United States – worldwide, there …

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Here’s a Quick Way to Land a MA Job

It’s a recruitment agency. Yes you read it right! Knowing how to select a healthcare recruiting agency that understands your unique skill set and goes above and beyond to promote your qualifications could be a valuable tool in your job-seekers’s toolset. A great agency will match your qualities with the medical assistant job opening best …

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10 Important Tips for Managing Your Time as a Medical Assistant

When you start working in the healthcare industry, time management may seem like an “easy” task to do. Time management, what is that? Can I crack open nuts with it? Answering a call here and there, filling some forms, handling a few patients every now and then – surely not a big deal! However, nothing …

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How to Keep Children Preoccupied in the Pediatrician’s Office

As a medical assistant (MA) working in the pediatrician’s office, one of the most common challenges that you will encounter is handling the children who are in the waiting area. It’s not enough to simply leave them in the hands of their parents or let them make noise and run around. To be an effective …

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What You Need to Do Before Your First Day on the Job

You nailed the interview and you were accepted as a medical assistant. Before you go out celebrating, be sure that you know exactly what you have to do before your first official day on the job. It’s not enough that you show up in the work place and report to the physician on this very …

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What Specialization to Pursue as a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is often not an all-around job. Although many choose to master both clinical and administrative responsibilities, you may opt to specialize in either one of these so that you can further build your strengths and work on particular skills instead of being a “jack-of-all-trades” type of medical assistant. Furthermore, having a specific …

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4 Important Communication Tips to Help You Become a Better MA

Many medical assistants are not aware that communication is also a very important skill they need to develop in order to become better in their jobs and to help advance their career. If you want to stand out above other MAs, you must try to enhance your communication ability. It is a useful skill that …

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How to Write an Effective Post-Interview Letter

Use a thank you letter and get ahead of your competitors

After completing the application process and interview, many medical assistant candidates just sit around waiting to hear the verdict on whether or not they are being hired for a job. Writing a post-interview thank you letter is one thing that not only helps you stand out from the rest, but also further proves that you …

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Free Online Medical Assistant Practice Test

online practice test

Before taking the test, there is one important thing for you to be aware of. Note that both practice tests are simulated exams. They are designed merely as an exercise to familiarize you with the style of the certification examination, they in no way guarantee a passing score on the actual examination, nor that you will achieve certification.

What Do You Learn In a Medical Assistant Course?

Table of Contents How long is the program? Heads Up! Online schools What MA course is like? Anatomy, Physiology and CPR Medical office administration Cardiopulmonary system and electrocardiography Bookkeeping and medical financial principles Medical business management Medical risk management Laboratory procedures and clinical assistant Externship There are thousands of medical assisting programs at community colleges …

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