Here’s a Quick Way to Land a MA Job

It’s a recruitment agency. Yes you read it right!

Knowing how to select a healthcare recruiting agency that understands your unique skill set and goes above and beyond to promote your qualifications could be a valuable tool in your job-seekers’s toolset.

A great agency will match your qualities with the medical assistant job opening best suited for you.

But not all of them are created equal. With hundreds of companies competing for your attention, how do you know which one to choose? The best medical recruiters will offer the following to those who are searching for medical assistants jobs:

1. Consideration of your unique needs

A quality healthcare staffing firm will take the time to consider what you are looking for in a medical assistant position, past the job title. The last thing you want is to start a job where you are not challenged or don’t fit in with the facility’s culture.

It is important to choose a staffing agency that won’t waste your time with placements that don’t fit your needs. Your agency should always do a comprehensive search of open medical assistant positions and carefully narrow down the best placements.

2. Step-by-step guidance

Choose a top healthcare recruiting agency that will walk you through both the recruiting steps and the hiring process.

Before choosing, ask about the agency’s process – from the initial meeting to the interview, compensation/benefits discussions and making a final offer.

Finding a new medical assistant job can be intimidating and time-consuming; having an expert advise you through each step will make it much easier.

3. An understanding of your long-term career goals

Even if you are looking for a short-term medical assistant position, your staffing agency should understand your long-term career goals. Be sure they know whether you want to be a long-term locum tenens provider, or if you are only interested in a full-time offer.

Have conversations with your recruiter about where you would like to see your career be in the next five to 10 years. Finding the best-fit medical assistant position now will put you on course to meet your long-term career goals. 

4. Prompt communication

When questions or issues come up, your staffing agent should always respond within the same day. Choose an agency that allows you to focus on providing quality care while they take care of the employment details. Time-sensitive concerns and questions will arise, and it is vital to work with a recruiter that will quickly follow-up with you.

5. Advocate for you 

Look for a recruiting agency that will do more than share your information with facilities. Your recruiter is your number one advocate when discussing your unique talents with hiring managers looking for a medical assistant.

A quality recruiting agency will work on your behalf to seek out the right position for your needs and present you in the best way to prospective employers. The right healthcare staffing agency will go above and beyond your expectations to land you the perfect placement as a medical assistant.

6. Transparency

Ask potential recruiting agencies what they will provide that you couldn’t do on your own. An experienced agency won’t shy away from this question. Your recruiter should be willing to talk openly about their network of medical facilities, share their track record and candidly discuss their plan for how they will market your specific skill set.

7. Find a reputable agency

How can you know if the medical staffing agency you are looking at is reputable? Doing some research is a great place to start. Look for red flags such as:

  • Hesitancy to talk about past business performance
  • Hurrying you through the process
  • Pressuring you to misrepresent yourself to get a job
  • Not being thorough with paperwork
  • Attempting to charge you fees upfront
  • Falsifying letters of recommendation or credentials

Review the recruiter’s website closely and search for articles that contain the company name or owners. Find agencies that have been in business for at least five years and request references from medical assistants who have worked with them.

This guest blog was contributed by TinkBird Healthcare Staffing, a national medical recruiting firm that places medical assistants and other healthcare providers in positions with facilities across the country.

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