Ignore These 44 Healthcare Jobs and You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Are you considering a career in allied health? If so, there’s never been a better time to enter this emerging field. One of the reasons for this is the demographic shift in population. The age group of 65 or older is expected to reach 22 percent of the US population by 2050. However, this does …

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What Is Medical Assistant Certification And Why Pursue It?

What is a certified medical assistant? A certificate is an awarded credential providing clear proof of your vocational competency. As a certified medical assistant you can practice in a variety of environments, backed by the undeniable fact that you have proven yourself capable of comprehending the concomitant knowledge that is essential for working and thriving …

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What is Accreditation and Why is It Important

As you begin to research your career as a medical assistant (MA), you will come across various educational programs. Some of these programs have gone through the process of accreditation, where an outside agency (accreditor) comes in and makes sure that the institution or program meets appropriate standards of education. Although this process is optional …

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One Day In The Life Of a Medical Assistant

The following article is written by a contributing writer at MACG. Melanie F. spent 11 years working at a neurological and neurosurgical office at Memphis, where over the years she has gained significant experience as a RMA. In this article she describes one day in her job and gives insight into daily routines of a …

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Medical Assistant, Is That Something For You?

Choosing a career is an important decision. Making the wrong choice can devastate you both financially and emotionally. People who hate their jobs often find themselves physically ill more often, as well. If you make the right career choice, you find that you are actually excited to go to work each day. There are always …

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Choose the Right Medical Assistant School

Now comes the challenging task of selecting the training program best suited to your goals and to your budget. To a great degree, where you attend a medical assisting program will depend upon where you live – or where you want to live.

Associate Or Diploma?

While there are no educational requirements per se for becoming a medical assistant (MA), most MAs choose to attend specialized MA training programs to learn the skills necessary for excelling at their chosen careers. Two educational avenues are open to you as an aspiring MA: one-year diploma programs and two-year associate degree programs. Which one …

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Medical Assistant Pay: How Much Do Medical Assistants Make?

As with any occupation, especially in the health care field, the compensation of a Medical Assistant (MA) changes depending on the area, employer, industry, and level of experience. According to the data, the best paid MAs are likely to live in

Medical Assistant Job Description: What do MAs do?

Medical Assistants (MAs) are often the first point of contact for many patients seeking treatment from a doctor, dentist, or other specialized medical professional. MAs can be found in clinics and physician’s offices throughout the country. There are two main types of medical assisting positions: clinical and administrative.