Medical Assistant

Did you know…

  • Employment of medical assistants is expected to grow 23 percent from 2014 (590,000) to 2024 (730,000). The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent
  • 13 of the 20 fastest growing occupations will be related to healthcare
  • Half of the MAs earn more than $30,590 per year
  • Over 60% of MAs work in private practices
  • Alaska is the top paying state for MAs

What is a medical assistant?

Medical Assistant Job Description Learn all the ins and outs of the job of a MA. What are the duties and tasks? What skills are required? Where do MAs work? Under what working conditions? And much more

Medical assistant wage

Medical Assistant SalaryThe wage of a MA depends on a variety of factors. Find out where MAs earn the most, what industries pay the most, and other important factors that influence the salary.

One day in the live of a MA

busy MAWritten by a medical assistant with more than a decade of experience in working in a private practice. Gain insight into daily routines of a MA!

Medical assistant VS Nurse

Differences between MAs and nursesEver wondered what the differences are between medical assistants and nurses? Learn all about the differences in work settings, salaries, licensure etc.

What to expect in a MA program?

what expect in MA course
If you are aiming to become a medical assistant then you may wondering what a MA program is like. Learn how the classes are, size, curriculum etc.

What certificate to get?

Four Certifications

CMA, RMA, CCMA/CMAA, NCMA. A certification gives you a professional edge over other candidates. Find out what is the most beneficial medical assistant certification.

How to become a CMA?

Learn how to become a CMAThe majority of employers prefer to hire certified medical assistants. Learn, in this step-by-step guide, what you need to do to be awarded CMA credential.

How to become a RMA?

Learn how to become a RMA In contrast to other MA certifications, RMA credential is the most flexible. Find out why and learn what you need to do to become a Registered Medical Assistant.

Choose the right school!

choose the right MA schoolThere are many things to consider before enrolling in a MA program such as costs, accreditation, financial aid, just to name a few. Follow the guide to choose the right school.

10 tips to avoid diploma mills

what is a diploma millWhen entering a new career it’s essential to ensure that the education you receive is top-notch and legitimate. Learn how to tell a valid school from a fake one.

Test your knowledge!

medical assistant practice testTwo practice tests at your choice: CMA and RMA test! Each test contains 200 question. They will measure your MA knowledge in a number of areas under timed conditions (2h).

Best studying techniques & strategies

best studying techniques The medical assistant certification exam is chock full of hard-to-remember technical terms and medical jargon. Learn what to do to make learning a breeze.

How to write a MA resume?

Learn how to write a MA resume
If you want to get a job as medical assistant, there is no way around an effective resume. Learn how to write it and see some best-practice examples.

Medical assistant job interview

Learn all about medical assistant job interview A job interview is probably the most critical moment in your job-hunting process. Learn how to effectively prepare yourself for a medical assistant interview.