Medical Assistant Practice Test

Before taking the test, there is one important thing for you to be aware of. Note that both practice tests are simulated exams. They are designed merely as an exercise to familiarize you with the style of the certification examination, they in no way guarantee a passing score on the actual examination, nor that you will achieve certification. Although similar, none of the questions on the practice exam are taken from, nor will be appear on the actual medical assistant certification exam.
  • The time available for solving each test is limited to max 2 hours.
  • Each test consist of 200 multiple choice questions: RMA has four and CMA five answer choices.
  • There is only one single best answer for each question.
  • All test questions are randomized.
  • Like in a real test, the questions purposefully contain what are called decoys that are answers that look and sound similar to the correct answer and are intended to confuse you.

How to navigate

practice test tutorial practice test tutorial 2

Tips for solving multiple choice questions

  1. Do not spend more than 45 seconds on each question. If you need more time to answer it, skip it and come back to it later.
  2. Read the question and answer first in your head, before looking at the answer options. Answer as many questions as possible this way, and it will minimize second-guessing and lack of confidence about your answers.
  3. You can divide the entire test into two cycles. The first pass is really fast. Answer questions quickly, without spending any extra time on answers you are unsure of. Flag any and all questions you want to re-visit, and use your first instinctual answer on all questions. This strategy may help with questions later on in the exam that you are not totally confident about – sometimes, earlier questions, and answers, give clues to those further on in the exam.

  4. The second cycle is what you use to go back to those questions that were the most difficult, as well as those for which you have no idea what the answer is, and have to make a guess. For tough questions, use process of elimination to narrow down your answer and give yourself a better chance of the right one. Most of your “first instinct” answers are typically left as is, but after re-reading them, you may gain a better sense of confidence about your answers. You can also try working the question in reverse, this may give you a new perspective.
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For better experience use your desktop or tablet.