How to navigate the interface

  1. Timer. A timer indicating how much time you have left
  2. Overview Screen. It helps you to keep track of your test progress, it indicates:
    • the current question displayed (blue)
    • which questions you have answered (orange)
    • which questions you’ve skipped or left blank (white)
    • which questions you’ve marked for later review (red)
    • All questions are numbered, so that you can jump directly to any question by tapping/clicking
  3. Question
  4. Single Choice Answer. Your choice is limited to a single answer only
  5. Back and Forward buttons. You have the ability to go back to an earlier question and choose a different answer if you prefer.
Test result page after completing the test

After completing the test you’ll be greeted with a result page. There you will be provided with a summary of all the wrong (red) and correct (green) answers