How to navigate the interface

  1. Timer. As the time proceeds, the time is counted down and the estimated time remaining is displayed
  2. Overview Screen. It helps you to keep track of your test progress. Overview screen indicates
    • the current question displayed (blue)
    • which question you have answered (orange)
    • which you have not read or left blank (white)
    • which you have marked for later review (red)
    • You can quickly jump to any question by tapping/clicking on the question number
  3. Question
  4. Single Choice Answer. You have the possibility to choose a single answer only
  5. Back and Forward buttons. You have the possibility to revisit already answered questions and change your answer if needed
Test result page after completing the test

After completing the test you will be greeted with a result page. There you will be given a total review of all the wrong and correct answers.