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How to Write an Effective Post-Interview Letter

After completing the application process and interview, many medical assistant candidates just sit around waiting to hear the verdict on whether or not they are being hired for a job. However, before playing the waiting game, there one last step that is vital to ...Read More

Problems Finding a Job? 5 Tips to Get You Started

Topics on this page: Problems that can prevent becoming a hired MA Solutions and strategies to boost your chances of being hired Recession-proofing your career choice If you have not yet found a job that is stable, pays well and offers potential upward mobility ...Read More

Medical Assistant, Is That Something For You?

Topics on this page: Be aware of the “dark side” What qualities should a medical assistant possess? What to look for in medical assisting? Choosing a career is an important decision. Making the wrong choice can devastate you both financially and emotionally. People who ...Read More

Medical Assistant to LPN

Topics on this page: Will my credits transfer to the LPN program? Are there any other programs I can transfer my credits to? Things to consider before making a career change If you are a medical assistant, the desire to become a licensed practical ...Read More

Medical Assistant Job Interview

Topics on this page: The background check as part of an interview 3 Important ways to prepare for an Interview Behavior, communication and what to do during the Interview References Taming job interview nervousness What to wear to an MA Interview MA job interview ...Read More

How to Write an Effective Medical Assistant Resume

Topics on this page: Online or hard-copy resume? Step 1: Get to know your target employer Step 2: Identify your assets Step 3: Transferable and job-related skills Step 4: Presenting your accomplishments Step 5: Identify keywords and buzzwords Types of resume Step 6: Choose ...Read More

How to Write a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Topics on this page: 4 tips for writing a cover letter What to include in a cover letter Heading and format First paragraph Second paragraph Closing paragraph Cover letter examples 4 tips for writing a cover letter A cover letter is like a written ...Read More

Career Development For Medical Assistants

Topics on this page: Phlebotomist Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech) Cardiovascular/Vascular Technologists (EKG Techs) Surgical Technologist (Scrub tech, Operating room technician) Dental Assistant Medical Records Technician (MRTs) Medical assistants (MAs) are the generalists among the health occupations. MAs are trained to be versatile. They must ...Read More

Medical Assistant Job Description: What do MAs do?

Medical Assistants (MAs) are often the first point of contact for many patients seeking treatment from a doctor, dentist, or other specialized medical professional. MAs can be found in clinics and physician’s offices throughout the country. There are two main types of medical assisting ...Read More