What Specialization to Pursue as a Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is often not an all-around job. Although many choose to master both clinical and administrative responsibilities, you may opt to specialize in either one of these so that you can further build your strengths and work on particular skills instead of being a “jack-of-all-trades” type of medical assistant. Furthermore, having a specific …

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Free Online Medical Assistant Practice Test

online practice test

Before taking the test, there is one important thing for you to be aware of. Note that both practice tests are simulated exams. They are designed merely as an exercise to familiarize you with the style of the certification examination, they in no way guarantee a passing score on the actual examination, nor that you will achieve certification.

What Do You Learn In a Medical Assistant Course?

Table of Contents How long is the program? Heads Up! Online schools What MA course is like? Anatomy, Physiology and CPR Medical office administration Cardiopulmonary system and electrocardiography Bookkeeping and medical financial principles Medical business management Medical risk management Laboratory procedures and clinical assistant Externship There are thousands of medical assisting programs at community colleges …

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What Is Medical Assistant Certification And Why Pursue It?

What is a certified medical assistant? A certificate is an awarded credential providing clear proof of your vocational competency. As a certified medical assistant you can practice in a variety of environments, backed by the undeniable fact that you have proven yourself capable of comprehending the concomitant knowledge that is essential for working and thriving …

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What is Accreditation and Why is It Important

As you begin to research your career as a medical assistant (MA), you will come across various educational programs. Some of these programs have gone through the process of accreditation, where an outside agency (accreditor) comes in and makes sure that the institution or program meets appropriate standards of education. Although this process is optional …

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The Best Studying Techniques and Strategies

Table of Contents Number one rule – Don’t procrastinate Environment Simplify the content Using mnemonics Visual aids Aural mnemonics Kinesthetic mnemonics Prioritize, familiarize, visualize Number one rule – Don’t procrastinate We all have the habit to procrastinate to some extent, whether it is cleaning our apartment or studying for an important certification exam. By putting …

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Online Education – How Does It Work?

Many of the accredited medical assistant programs now offer some online or distance learning courses. This gives potential students the opportunity to take advantage of the convenience and flexibility of learning through the Internet and enhancing their experience. Online courses have literally exploded over the last two decades. It can be difficult to sum up …

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Medical Assistant to LPN

If you are a medical assistant, the desire to become a licensed practical nurse may appeal to you. Often this type of change is lateral as far as money and skills are concerned in your home state. The career change may add just enough variables to your resume that it enables you to have many …

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Medical Assistant Internship


Whether it leads to a diploma or an associate degree, every medical assisting curriculum includes an internship in an ambulatory health care setting. Internships may also be called practicums. You are preparing for employment in a highly demanding field. Part of learning how to function as a professional involves spending time in a learning environment …

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